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Law bookAttorney Rudebusch limits her practice to areas such as: Divorce, Custody and Support, Adoptions, Wills, Social Security Disability, Power of Attorney and Living Wills and name changes. Attorney Rudebusch is a solo practitioner with a support staff of two:, Ashley, Associate Attorney/Paralegal and Gloria, Office Manager. The support staff is aware of Attorney Rudebusch's philosophy of providing all clients with the maximum information concerning their legal matter. It is our obligation to provide a calm and professional environment for our clients so that they can make informed decisions that have great impact on their future lives. Communication between the client and the attorney is of the utmost importance.

Client education, their comfort, as well as clearly stated objectives and goals, are the cornerstones of the practice. Every client who decides to retain Attorney Rudebusch in a domestic matter receives a retainer letter which clearly spells out each party's respective rights and responsibilties. Client confidentiality is of the greatest importance and great care is taken to maintain that confidentiality.

Every client with a domestic matter is scheduled for an initial consultation at a greatly reduced hourly rate and the prospective client is asked to fill out an intake sheet(see downloadable client intake sheets to the right). During the initial consultation, the specific legal issues, as well as financial matters such as the retainer fee, are discussed. Before meeting with a client and learning the particulars of a case, it is very difficult to establish an appropriate retainer fee. But be assured, Attorney Rudebusch and her staff will do a thorough and complete job with the client's every concern in mind.

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